Thursday 29th June 8:00pm

We are delighted to welcome rock band karaoke to Bunga Bunga. It's a totally interactive form of entertainment and ROCKAOKE are the UK’s original (some say best) live karaoke band…

The band are all great musicians, who play well together and have a massive repertoire of songs. But just as importantly, ROCKAOKE have great enthusiasm for what they do and their skill is in making every event a totally memorable, rewarding and entertaining spectacle for participants and audience alike.

People talk about ROCKAOKE gigs for weeks afterwards, because they are engaged and involved and it shall be no different as they join us at Bunga Bunga!

"One of London’s finest WTF experiences." - Timeout London.

“The band make you feel like a proper rockstar. They don’t make you sound like one but they make you feel like one.” - Chris Moyles.

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